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  • ◊ Hatha

    Alignment based postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation to bring about a sound healthy body and a clear peaceful mind. Suitable for most individuals who can get up and down without assistance.
  • ◊ Hatha/Vinyasa

    Alignment based Hatha yoga blended with flowing poses and sequences linked to the breath. Slightly faster pace than Hatha. Suitable for most individuals who can get up and down without assistance and are in good physical health.
  • ◊ Chair Yoga 

    A gentle form of yoga that is practiced sitting and/or standing using a chair for support. Poses, or asana, are adaptations of Hatha yoga poses. Suitable for those who need assistance getting up off the floor.
  • ◊ Kid’s Yoga

    A fun practice to increase balance, flexibility and coordination, instill self esteem and self awareness. Relaxation techniques are used to teach self regulation and improve focus and attention. Intended for ages 2-12.
  • ◊ Teen Yoga

    Designed to help teens improve strength and flexibility or control over flexibility to avoid injury while incorporating relaxation techniques to help teens cope with stress, improve self awareness, self esteem. Intended for ages 13-17.
  • ◊ Personalized Yoga

    Intended for those with specific needs and goals. Please contact Nurture for a consultation.
    • ◊ Group Classes

      For groups of 2 or more. Please contact Nurture for a consultation.

      •Yoga classes are an hour long and are $35 per class or available for a discounted rate of 4 classes for $125.